Shepros combines the knowledge of nanotechnology and biotechnology in using the unique
colloidal chemistry to generate a state of the art formulations that produce the innovative
Nano Biotech Colloidal Micelles (NBCM). NBCM are mild but are amazingly powerful colloidal
micelles made from non-toxic plant based extracts, plant derivatives and biodegradable

NBCM are very fine molecules with spherical aggregate structure which remain in
suspension indefinitely and are not affected by gravity when dispersed in a liquid colloid. It is
surrounded by a cloud of tightly bound ions. The NBCM aggregates form in order to
minimize the free energy of the solution. They are dynamic but equilibrium structures and
able to rearrange in response to changing environmental conditions. They also undergo
thermal fluctuations and Brownian motion. It works well with hard, soft, cold, hot, fresh and
salt water.


                                       Illustration of Nano Biotech Colloidal Micelles.
                      The hydrophobic poles attract to each other forming interior micelles cluster and
                                                   the hydrophilic poles form a powerful outer surface.

NBCM in colloidal chemistry can be explained as a sub-division of physical chemistry
comprising of the phenomena characteristic of matter when one or more of its dimension lie
in the range between 1 nanometer and 100 nanometer. In this nature of science, the
dimension of NBCM are more important than the nature of the material. In the size range of
nanometer, the surface area of NBCM are much greater than its volume that unusual
phenomena of colloidal micelles will occur as following:

a.   They do not settle out of the suspension of gravity.

b.   They will be small enough to pass through filter membrane.

c.   They will move in at least one dimension randomly.

d.   They have the velocity that will move endlessly without stopping.

e.   They will penetrate and breakdown organic and hydrocarbon particles and lift it     
up in nano and micro emulsions without harming the working surfaces.

f.    They will have tremendous wetting capacity.

g.   They will reduce the surface tension in water or water solutions.

h.   They will have sterilizing effect by disrupting the DNA or RNA of the virus,
prokaryotic cell of bacteria, and eukaryotic cell of algae, protozoa and fungi.

Nano Biotech Colloidal Micelles do not use:

1.   Non plant based acids
2.   Petroleum distillates
3.   Soaps
4.   Chemical fragrances
5.   Non-food grade colorings
6.   Halogenated hydrocarbons
7.   Chemical thickening agents
8.   Nitrates
9.   Enzymes
10. Phosphates
11. Non-food grade alcohols
12. Animal fatty acids
13. Aliphatic  and aromatic hydrocarbon toxic solvents
14. Non-biodegradable surfactants
15. Polyethylene glycol
16. CFC
17. Ozone depleting substances.