SHEPROS Group of Companies is a dynamic and aspiring business group with interests in  manufacturing
of the followings Green  Cleaning Products (Malaysia & China), Air Purification Products(Malaysia &
China), Health Care Products (China), Agricultural Products (Malaysia), Incinerators (China) and Waste
Recycling (Malaysia & China).

Established in 2009 in Malaysia, it is one of the fastest growing and respected business group in
environmental related business. The drive for Group’s business growth is the commercialization of
technology innovation and delivery of outstanding products with superb quality. Its hallmark is the Trust
that is built through truthful relations with esteemed Partners and Customers. The commitment to
Technological Excellence and Customer Orientation has strengthened Group’s market presence and it
continues to practice innovative approaches in all business areas, with the perpetual ambition to sustain
this business for decades to come. With 5 overseas strategic operations, namely in Australia, China, Hong
Kong, Indonesia and the United States.

Our Logo

S = Safety, H = Health, E = Environment, PRO = Product, S = Solutions

The Green color represents green technology innovation with Safety, Health and Environment  

The Blue color represents product solutions with environmental protection and social responsibility.


To be a leader in the environment business through green chemistry, nanotechnology and
environmental material science .


To provide quality problem solving and services that exceeds the expectations
of our esteemed customers.


To bring value to mankind and environment through safety, health and environmentally friendly
product solutions at an affordable price.

Core Values

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.

We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Invention, Innovation & Contribution Portfolios
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